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A cloud platform that helps you reach your audience through games.

+2 million game plays every day
Increase User Logins
Generate Subsciptions
Create Revenue Streams
Target New Audiences
Track Business Results
Create Communities

Achieve your business goals

Jogo is a platform that helps you to create digital engagements with games, increase revenue streams and increase D.A.U & M.A.U

Boost your subscriptions

Puzzles & Games have traditionally been offered in newpapers which in the past years are moving more and more into digital. When exposed on online outlets, puzzles and games offers a bigger valuable addition that using the correct technology can reach a wider audience and reach better business goals.

Jogo OS allows you to create dynamic interactive game spaces that seamlessly integrate within your sites and apps enabling a way to reach your audience in channel they already trust.

Avg. Integration Time
1 Hour

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