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AI cloud platform that helps you reach, engage and monetize your audience through interactive puzzles created using artificial intelligence.

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Create Revenue Streams
Increase Digital Offering
Generate Subsciptions
Target New Audiences
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Increase digital value

Jogo is a platform that can help your business to create digital engagements through puzzles, increase revenue streams, and attract more users while providing interactive, fun and entertaining content to your users

Customize, Plug & Play

With our platform, you can easily create dynamic frames that are fully customizable, themed to your brand and are easy to integrate.

Providing interactive puzzles for ~2 million users every day worldwide

Create Interactive Engagements

Puzzles have migrated from print to digital outlets in recent years, presenting businesses with a valuable opportunity to reach a wider audience and achieve better business outcomes. Enhance your digital news content by adding interactive puzzles that can transform passive readers into active participants, bringing a new level of engagement to your audience

Page Views
4 to 5 times more
Interactive vs Passive content
2x more convertions

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