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Puzzles & Publishers

Puzzles & games have traditionally been offered and are indispensable in the newspaper and any content delivery channel. When exposing an online outlet, puzzles and games also offers a bigger valuable addition that using the correct technology can reach a wider audience and better business goals.

Puzzles are part of a daily ritual, often a fixed pattern in the morning, afternoon and later in the day upon free time. It provides interactive content for your users and readers to engage with and creates more spaces in which you can reach and impress.

This has proven to be valuable content that keeps customers and readers coming back for and allows a way to provide more value to subscriptions and offer paid premium content your users can acquire.

What jogo can

The jogo platform acts as a backbone for providing games, puzzles and quizzes with in your environment.

It saves the hassle of re-integrating again and again for every game the need to track, analyse, monetize and configure a portal that is exposed to your users.

Jogo is built from the grown up to work in an optimized way with interactive content with a focus to plug and play features to make a rich experience you audience can enjoy and your brand can maximize benefit.

Jogo can help you along the way, if you want to just validate an idea to understand business opportunities around games or create customizable portals with interactive promotion banners and custom made games.

You don't need to own games to get started, you can plug and popular play games and puzzles jogo offers to get up and running.

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